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Latest Article on Sivagiri Mutt with Complete Details of Offerings/Pooja Timings & Price , Latest Photos, Address, Contact Numbers etc.

It was really an unexpected visit to Sivagiri Mutt on the same day of Vidharambham Vijayadasami and that turned out as one of the best and peaceful experience ever with family. Being Vidhyarambham , the premises was crowded and people from different parts of the country who flowed down to Sivagiri. We thought to share our experience with our readers by publishing useful article where people get all the details about Varkala Sivagiri Mutt, Kerala

Sivagiri Mutt is one of the most popular pilgrim and tourist destinations of Kerala which is different from other temples or pilgrim centers for many reasons like building structure, calm ambience, processions etc. Basically the entire center is situated in a hill with over 200 acres of land which is one of the marvelous model of architecture.  Whole area having lots of big and small trees and you will feel so cool even during hot summer season.

Sivagiri Mutt is the final resting place of Sree Narayana Guru; founder of SNDP (Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam) for the upliftment of backward classes. Guru always highlighted the importance of education and agriculture and you can see the same magic all over this premises

Apart from devotees, lots tourists from all part of the world also visit here. Sivagiri is one of the world famous tourist spot of Kerala. Especially foreigners love Varkala and Sivagiri got prominent role in the local tour itineraries. We tried our level best to include most of the required details that tourists always search for like Sivagiri Mutt openings time, entry timings, visiting hours etc.

With this article, we are going to see how to plan a trip to Sivagiri Mutt. We have mentioned about this place in one the previous articles about Must Visit Tourist Spots Near Trivandrum. When you reach here in Sivagiri, you will be greeted with the below sign board. So let us start exploring Sivagiri Mutt first

varkala sivagiri mutt main attractions to visit



Mahasanadhi Mandiram (Final Resting Place of Sree Narayana Guru)

Sree Narayana Guru was the most eminent leader, saint and social reformer of Kerala who kept forward the slogan

ഒരു ജാതി .. ഒരു മതം.. ഒരു ദൈവം മനുഷ്യന് .. Meaning One Caste.. One God.. One Religion for Mankind


Sarada Mutt / Sarada Madam
Sarada Mutt , the temple dedicated to Goddess Saraswati as main idol and the same was consecrated by the Sree Narayana Guru himself before 100 years. We visited on the same day of Vidhyarambham and lots of children took their Vidharambham at Sarada Madam where Goddess Saraswathi (Goddess of knowledge and arts) is the prime idol


Bodhananda Swami Mandhiram
Bodhananda Swamikal was the dearest disciple of Guru during his life time. Guru made a will in favour of Bodhananda Swamikal in which the right of the whole properties of Sivagiri Mutt will be vested with him after the demise of Guru. The future assets which will be acquired by the Mutt will also be vested with him. He was considered as the first successor of the Guru. He attained samadhi just after three days of the demise of Guru. His eternal body was cremated here and this Samadhi Mandap was built in memory of Bodhananda Swamikal.


Riksha Mandapam
This is the place where the Hand ‘Riksha’ used by Guru, which was imported from Hong Kong is kept here. The Riksha is taken out of the Mandap and exhibited openly during the birthday of Guru and on the occasion of Sivagiri Theerthadana procession. Other than the riksha, a chair used by guru also exhibited here


Vaidika Mutt (Home where Sree Narayana Guru Lived in Sivagiri)
This is the house where Sree Narayana Guru lived which is more than 100 years old. All the articles used by Guru such as Stick, Chair, Cot, etc. are stored here. Vaidika Mutt is also a prime attration of Sivagiri visitors



Prarthana Mandhiram / Parnasala (Prayer Hall)


Vidhyarambham in Sivgiri Madam in front of Sarada Mutt, the Temple of Saraswathi
It was really auspicious occasion for us. We reached Sivagiri on the same day of Vidhyarambham and witnessed kids learning their first vidhya from Saints /Acharyas. You can see the same in below pictures


A Day in Sivagiri Mutt Varkala | Sivagiri Temple Timings and Pooja Details

Sivagiri Mutt Sree Narayana Guru Temple Pooja Timings

Pooja & Darshan Timings of Mahasamadhi Mandhiram
Nada Opening : 4:00 AM
Prabhatha Pooja : 5:15 AM
Nada Closing : 12:00 NOON
Nada Reopening( Evening) : 4:30 PM
Deeparadhana : 6:00 (06:30) PM
Nada Closing : 8:00 PM

Shanti Homam at Parnasaala : Morning 4.30 AM

Pooja & Darshan Timings of Sarada Madam / Mutt
Nada Opening : 4:00 AM
Prabhatha Pooja : 5:00 AM
Nada Closing : 12:00 NOON
Nada Reopening( Evening) : 4:30 PM
Deeparadhana : 6:00 (06:30) PM
Nada Closing : 8:00 PM

Visiting hours for Devotees and Tourists inside Sivagiri Mutt : 0530 – 1200 hrs & 1630 – 1800 hrs


Complete Pooja List of Sivagiri Mutt Varkala Temple Offerings / Vazhipadu Details with Price

Varkala Sivagiri Mutt Temple Offerings / Vazhipadu details with price, Sivagiri mdam vazhipadu details



Location Map of Sivagiri Mutt, Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695141

How to reach Sivagiri Mutt Varkala ?

Nearest railway station: Varkala, about 1 km away

Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 35 km away

KSRTC buses are available on regular intervals in front of the main gate itself. Devotees/visitors can reach here from the main town easily via auto riskhow or by bus

Remakrs : If you are coming by your own vehicle or hired cabs, don’t bother about the parking facility. Plenty of parking space available here and it is totally free of cost.


Train Timings from Varkala Sivagiri Railway Station Towards Kollam and Trivandrum


Is there any option for devotees to give donation to Sivagiri Mutt through online or bank transfer?

Yes you can do it. Those who are interested to donate Annadana Pooja, please give through below account
Sree Narayana Dharma Sanghom Trust – Annadana Nidhi (No. 11290100294671), Federal Bank, Varkala)


Is there any dress code applicable in Sivagiri ?

There is no such dress code to enter inside Sivagiri Mut. You can wear any dress which is suitable in a public place. Also there is no restrictions for any religion here.


What are the main festivals of Sivagiri Mutt?

Sree Narayana Guru’s Birthday (06th September ) and Samadhi day (21st September ) are observed at Sivagiri Mutt with much relevance. On Gurudeva Jayanthi day, the birthday of the Guru, colourful processions, debates, seminars, public meetings and cultural shows are conducted. Thousands of followers wearing yellow attire take part in the procession.

Another important festival here is Sivagiri Pilgrimage (Theerthadanam) which is observed on December 30- January 1. These days thousands of pilgrims in yellow attire from different parts of Kerala gather at the Samadhi of the Guru, who propagated his concept, “One Caste, One Religion and One God.’’


What is the history behind Sivagiri Theerthadanam / “ Pligrimage to Sivagiri” ?

Guru explained the aim of Sivagiri Theerthadanam (pilgrimage) must be for the creation of a comprehensive knowledge among the people for their overall development and prosperity and suggested certain norms to be observed. The pilgrims should reach Sivagiri in yellow garb as the symbol of devotees, after following a brief ten day austerity based on Sree Budha’s five purities of Body, Word, Mind, Food and Deed. Guru underlined the need for education, cultural and moral purity for the yearly meet.

January 1, the new year day was suggested for the Pilgrimage and it should be so planned to focus attention on eight subjects – Education, Cleanliness, Piety, Organised Endeavour, Agriculture, Trade , Handicrafts and Technical Training. Experts on these subjects should be invited to lecture on them and the pilgrims should listen attentively. What they have heard should be practised in the day to day life which will lead them to prosperity. The Guru concluded that this should be the main goal of the pilgrimage to Sivagiri.

The first Sivagiri Theerthadanam was held on 1st January 1933. The following five devotees from Elavumthitta in Pathanamthitta District, in yellow garb after following ten days austerity as prescribed by the Guru, started from there on foot on 25-12-1933 and reached Sivagiri on 28-12-1933.

1) Sri. Mooloor P.K. Divakara Panicker ( Leader of the team)
2) Sri. K.S. Sankunny
3) Sri. M.K. Raghavan
4) Sri. P.K. Kesavan
5) Sri. P.V. Raghavan


How do we contact Sivagiri Mutt? Can we get contact number or official email address of Sivagiri Mutt ?

Contact No : +91 470 2602807,   +91 470  2605183,   +91  470 2602455
Official Email Address:
Official Website :


Official Contact Address of Sivagiri Madam the Final Resting Place of Sree Narayana Guru

Sree Narayana Dharma Sanghom Trust,
Sivagiri Mutt ,
Varkala ,
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695141
Phone : +91 470 2602807
Fax : +91 470 2602221
Email :

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