DJ in bangalore, Campfire booking in Bangalore, Campfire with DJ in Banglore

How to Book DJ Campfire at Bangalore for Groups


Groups including School and College students or even company groups or friends get together groups always searches for DJ party or Campfire like options. Usually campfire options are available only in hill stations and not possible in cities. But now a new trend called DJ campfire is ready at many cities like Bangalore, Kochi etc… for groups.

DJ in bangalore, Campfire booking in Bangalore, Campfire with DJ in Banglore

A DJ Campfire is something set in a hall with a DJ (either a Live DJ or with music and DJ lights) along with campfire like light settings in the center. This definitely gives the feeling of a campfire without any danger of fire which can happen in real campfire settings. It’s 100% safe and most suitable for cities and can be made available in DJ halls too. The students or group members can really enjoy and dance around the DJ campfire settings like in a normal campfire with fire and wood without any danger.

Now students group while touring to Bangalore or other groups have got an excellent opportunity to enjoy the DJ campfire at Bangalore.


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DJ campfire is set at some good hotels at Bangalore city limits.

Other advantage of DJ Campfire is that DJ campfire is available at any time unlike normal campfire which is possible only during night. Groups requiring DJ campfire at Bangalore needs to book well in advance by contacting us.

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What will be the cost for DJ Campfire in Bangalore ?

Charge for DJ Campfire caries from Rs. 3500-5000 for 01 group per hour depending on days.


Are You Looking for Help to Organize DJ and Campfire in Bengaluru for Groups ?

We have a separate section to handle DJ Services in Bangalore and DJ campfire for group travellers in Bangalore. Apart from DJ campfire hotel also arranges buffet lunch and buffet dinner for groups at Bangalore at a nominal cost per head. Price for buffet lunch or dinner starts from Rs. 150/ head.


Do you arrange Campfire and DJ Arrangements in Any Other Cities?

Yes we do have a good team to handle this services in different tourist destinations other than Bangalore. Details as follows

Campfire with DJ for students at Coorg

Campfire with DJ for students at Mysore

Campfire with DJ for students at Ooty

Campfire with DJ for students at Munnar

Campfire with DJ for students at Kodaikkanal


Can I See a Sample Video of DJ Campfire Before Confirming the Booking ?

Definitely, you can see. Here we Go


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